Who We Are Our Partners

Who We Are Our Partners

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We are grateful to our partners for their support and collaboration. We could not do our work in community without them.

We are grateful to our partners for their support and collaboration. We could not do our work in community without them.


Too many members of our communities face systemic barriers and are left out of opportunities in their own backyards. We recognize that the challenges communities face are interconnected and urgent, and we are committed to doing our part. That is why the Stupski Foundation is collaborating with community partners to invest all of our assets by 2029 to make the greatest possible change in our communities today.



Department of Disability and Aging Services (department under the San Francisco Human Services Agency) coordinates services for older adults, veterans, people with disabilities, and their families to maximize safety, health, and independence.



The San Francisco Bay Area is home to many excellent nonprofit and public institutions working to improve the lives and livelihoods of our communities. We're honored to support those doing the hard work to make a better place for all who call the San Francisco Bay Area home. Their passion and commitment is making the difference in people's lives.



The mission of Thriving in Place is to strengthen, sustain and advocate for the work of the San Francisco In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority and support Bay Area-wide non-direct services programming, ensuring low-income older adults and people with disabilities are able to remain and thrive at home and in their communities. Thriving in Place serves as the fiscal sponsor for the PCWG.

Thriving in Place致力於加强、維持和促進三藩市居家支援服務公共機構的工作,以及支持全灣區的非直接服務計劃,確保低收入長者和殘障認識能夠在家中和社區中維持美好生活。Thriving in Place為緩和療護工作小組的贊助人。


The MERI Center is dedicated to providing an infrastructure for palliative care in the context of routine medical care. Our goal is to recognize and ensure that patients' wishes for their medical care are both known and honored, as we support them and their caregivers in coping with serious illness. The Center offers community and professional education and training in palliative care and advance care planning.